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Ten Top Page-Turners for 2022

Romances, thrillers and quick-paced literary fiction for the coming year.

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That Jewish Thing by Amber Crewe (Coronet, January 2022) Tamsyn has never felt ‘Jewish enough.’ She’s more concerned with her career than marriage and spiritual matters, and can’t cook a chicken. Will new man Ari change how she feels about her identity? Or is that up to her?

Other Parents by Sarah Stovell (HarperCollins HQ, January 2022) A fast-paced tale of five Northumberland women and their small-town school. Rachel wants a fairer world. Her new lover Erin wants Rachel's kids to stop hating her. Jo wants one more meaningful year as a headmistress, Kate wants the school to stop 'promoting' LGBT relationships, and Laura wants to put food on the table.

The Herd by Emily Edwards (Penguin, February 2022) A timely take on anti-vaxxers and motherhood. Bryony is conflicted about vaccination, as her brother appeared to become autistic after receiving the MMR. Elizabeth has a vulnerable child, and when an outbreak of measles affects both families, they must make choices. But do either of them have the right information?

Welcome to Your Life by Bethany Rutter (HarperCollins, March 2022) On her wedding day, plus-size beauty Serena finds herself in a Harvester hotel with a glass of wine and an ice-cream sundae, realising that she can’t marry Alastair. I felt for Serena, her new friend Nicole and old mate Lola who help her forge a lush new London life.

Stepping Up by Sarah Turner (Penguin, March 2022) When older sister Emmy and her husband Doug have a car accident, Beth needs to step up and take care of Emmy's teenage daughter Polly and toddler Ted. This book had loads of highlights, but I particularly loved Beth's two-person book club with elderly neighbour Albert, who writes all his texts in capitals, Dad-style!

What Might Have Been by Holly Miller (Hodder and Stoughton, March 2022) Lucy Lambert has a choice: go to London and become a copywriter for a top agency, or stay in her seaside town and write a novel. She also has to choose between Max, the one that got away, or Caleb, the hot new man whose ex-wife is still around…

Single Bald Female by Laura Price (Pan Macmillan, April 2022) Jess seems to have it all, a long-term relationship and a glossy new job on a woman’s magazine, but when she finds a lump her whole perfect life comes crashing down. Perhaps she needs a friend more than a lover at this crossroads.

M is for Mummy by Katy Cox (Atlantic, May 2022) Professional musician Lucy is trying to hold her family and career together. She knows her number-loving oldest son is different, but how different, and does her husband have the same issues?

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin (HarperCollins, May 2022) Kitty sets off to London to rescue her sisters from penury by making a financially advantageous marriage. A must for fans of Bridgerton.

Square One by Nell Frizzell (Random House, July 2022) After a breakup, thirtysomething Hanna moves back to East Oxford to live with her very singular, and very single, Dad.

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