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New 5* Reviews for my Editing Services

I was very pleased to receive some lovely new comments from the fiction and non-fiction authors I'd worked with recently, on editing their books.

In the past few years I've had some LGBT+ or queer-identifying authors discover me by accident, or through international blogs featuring my work (thanks, whoever that was)! Seeing a gap in the market which I hadn't covered through my originally slightly dry but accurate specialist categories on Reedsy such as Music, Sociology and Philosophy, I have now amended my categories to include queer own-voices work as a speciality. I read enough of it, particularly while I'm one of the judges for this year's debut Polari Prize!

I have no availability in June, but opportunities will start to open up from the end of the month onwards and I am looking for projects for July and August 2022. It's fine to contact me here but I prefer books to be submitted on Reedsy: - that way everything is transparent.

Some testimonies:

"Sophia was professional, responsive and very thorough in both our communication and the way her edits were conducted. She understood the brief perfectly and was able to achieve exactly what I wanted (tighter prose, reducing words, identifying other sections that could be deleted or edited). At the end of her work, Sophia delivered two different versions of my MS, and a reader's report that I found very useful to help me understand what kind of reader's journey she had had reading my book. I also greatly appreciated working with an Own Voices LGBTQIA+ editor on my book which had queer characters and touched on topics like sexuality and queerphobia. I hope to definitely work with Sophia again in the future and can't wait!" Frances M. Thompson, May 2022

"Working with Sophia was an incredible experience. Her communication was prompt and all her advice was constructive and supportive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an efficient, friendly and dependable editor." Sharron Taylor, April 2021

"Fantastic work, I couldn't have hoped for a better output. I would most definitely collaborate with Sophia again in the future. Highly recommended!" Valentina Spinelli, August 2020

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